What does Rhubarb do?

Rhubarb the Clown is famous for his spectacular self-contained show. The full show is jam packed with half a dozen magical illusions played for laughs, a similar number of feats of juggling including where practical juggling with fire, playing the nose-flute, riding on a unicycle, then a taller unicycle and then (ceiling height permitting) an even taller unicycle, all welded together with the ridiculous antics of Rhubarb the clown. Running time varies with audience but is generally some 45 minutes. As Rhubarb does not talk, his show transcends language and culture to be accessible to all! Rhubarb the Clown also often performs in free form using his multi-faceted skills to entertain and bring a smile to as many faces as he can or sometimes with a mixture of show and clowning around. Also, where appropriate, he works as Rhubarb the Jester.