Where has Rhubarb performed?

*International Tours*
*Theatres and Arts Centre*
*Local Authorities*
*Colleges and Universities*
*Hotels and Restaurants*
*Shops and Shopping Centres*
*Special Needs*
*The Deaf Community*
*Private Parties*

*International Tours*

*Rhubarb’s *clowning transcends language and culture. While he has mostly
worked in the UK and Australia, he has also performed in Canada, Denmark,
Eire, Germany, Iceland, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
Oman, Qatar & Slovenia.

He was particularly proud to represent the UK at the Montreal Festival Pour
Les Enfants.

*Rhubarb the clown* has been honoured to perform as part of many festivals
both large and small around the world including……. Adelaide, Auckland,
Bath, Bergen, Berlin, Covent Garden, Dunstable Gala, Edinburgh, Harrogate,
Helsinkor, Ljubliana, Lord Mayor’s Pageant, Moomba, Montreal Festival Pour
Les Enfants, Notting Hill Carnival, Oman, Perth, Sterling, Strawberry Fair,
Swiss Cottage, Winchester Hat Fair and lots of small festivals in streets
and parks.


Rhubarb the clown has appeared on many television programmes including:

BBC1 - Newsround
BBC1 - Watchdog
BBC1 - My Family
ITV - The Jack Dee Show
Channel4 - Joan Rivers-Series 2
Endemol - Big Brother 8
Granada Media           - Million 2 One
Sky - Brainiac
BBC - Johny Vaughan Tonight
BBC 1 - Pebble Mills at One
BBC 1 - Shakespeare in Perspective
BBC 2 - You and Me
Icelandic TV (his whole show)
Norwegian TV - Le Jongleure de Notre Dame
Yorkshire TV - Circle of Deceit
Channel 4 - Unforgettable Christmas
SC 4 - Sbri Celwydd Golau I
Carlton - Kids on Digital

Plus various incidental appearances. 


*Theatres and Arts Centre*

*Rhubarb* has performed in scores of Theatres and Art Centres around the
country and around the world, either performing solo or with others.
Examples include Alton, Apollo (Oxford), Barbican, Battersea, Bridge Lane,
Churchill, Courtyard Arts Trust, Croydon Warehouse, Geelong AC, Hackney
Empire, Jacksons Lane, Lead Mill, London Palladium, Lyric (Hammersmith),
NFT, Queens, Riverside, South Bank, Southhill Park, Theatre Royal
(Nottingham & Stratford), Victorian AC & York.

*Local Authorities*

*Rhubarb* has been invited to perform his show or/and to clown around by
local authorities many times in venues like parks, libraries, swimming
pools, holiday play schemes, shopping centres, old peoples homes and
community centres.

LAs include pretty well every London Borough at one time or another plus
Basildon, Bath, Crawley, East Staffs, Edinburgh, Hertsmere, Leicester,
Milton Keynes, Northampton, North Bedfordshire, Peterborough, Plymouth,
Southampton and Tyne & Wear.


*Rhubarb *the clown has performed at hundred of schools, including major
tours of schools in Victoria and New South Wales (Australia). His show can
be used as part of the school day giving pupils an often all too rare
experience of quality live entertainment and acting as a catalyst for
creativity in their school work. An information work sheet can be supplied
to the teacher(s) on the history of clowning.
Where appropriate *Rhubarb *is happy to answer questions and lead a
discussion on life as a clown or to visit class rooms to inspect pictures
or letters inspired by him.

Alternatively why not just use *Rhubarb *as an extra attraction to a social
event such as your school fete or Xmas party. *Rhubarb’s *show is unusually
suitable for pupils with special needs or hearing restrictions.

*Colleges and Universities*

As an act that is different, *Rhubarb *has performed at a number of
Colleges & Universities such as Brighton, Bristol, Brunel, Cambridge, Eton,
Kent, LSE, Oxford, North London, Sandhurst & Warwick.

*Hotels and Restaurants*

*Rhubarb the clown* has performed hundreds of times at dozens of hotels and
restaurants including some 300 Sunday brunches at the Kensington Hilton
and, more recently, about 40 Sunday lunchtimes at the Muswell Hill Café
Uno. Other Hiltons visited are Park Lane, Gatwick, Regents Park, Warwick,
Hornchurch, Standstead and Heathrow.

He has also performed at the Intercontinental Hotels (London & Muscat),
Ramadas (Heathrow & Qatar), Dorchester, Café Royal, Royal Garden, Brighton
Metropole, Carlton Tower, West Central, Hyde Park, Penta, Moat House
International and the Manor near Guildford.

*Shops and Shopping Centres*

*Rhubarb* has frequent requests by both Shopping Centres and individual
shops large and small to perform his show or just clown around to attract
attention and give the shopping experience an extra zing.

Shops, too many to remember them all, include Harrods, Mothercare, BHS,
M&S, Sainsbury, Somerfield, Tesco, Asda, Do-it-all, D.H. Evans, Debenhams,
Boots, Harvey Nicholls, Millets, Boots, Laura Ashley & even William Hills!

Shopping Centres, from Melbourne to Rejkavik, include in the UK, to name a
few, Oxford Street, Arndale (Manchester), Bromley, Quedan (Yeovil), Wood
Green, St. David’s (Cardiff), Ealing Broadway, Welling Centre (Aldershot),
Northampton, etc..


*Rhubarb*’s talents have been utilized to promote many things both
commercial and charitable such as Leukemia Research, British Airways,
Channel Ferry Sky TV, International Red Cross, Gulf & Texaco Oils,
Australian Citizenship, Stork, Sure Start, Radio Stations and many makes of

*Special Needs*

*Rhubarb*’s highly visual, non-verbal show is particularly accessible to
children and adults with special needs.*Rhubarb* has performed well over a
100 times to such groups, including dozens of repeat performances in
special schools, play projects, adult training centres and hospitals. He
particularly enjoys performing for these special people, who immediately
warm to his delightful act.

*The Deaf Community*

*Rhubarb*’s show is particularly suitable for people with hearing
difficulties. Communicating through mime and gesture, his show is totally
understood by all, as he has proved on dozens of occasions by producing
delighted reactions in his audience and multiple performances for such
organisations as the Royal Association for Deaf People, Surrey Deaf
Children’s Society & Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support.

Schools for the deaf visited include Dundee, Melbourne, Manchester, Derby &
Bath. Plus lots of spin-off private parties where the host wanted a show
suitable for all the audience.


*Private Parties*

*Rhubarb* has helped celebrate many special occasions great and small like
Birthdays, Weddings, Xmas, Eid, Purim, Diwali, Anniversaries, New Year,
Housewarmings, Hen Parties, Christenings, Confirmations, Bar & Bat Mizvahs.

His show of around 45 minutes entertains all ages. Jam-packed with magical
illusions, juggling (including with fire where practical), nose-flute,
unicycling (ordinary and giraffe) all welded together with silly business.

In home, garden, church hall, community centre, pub, club, park, school,
restaurant or hotel, Rhubarb can give your party an extra zing!

*Please note,when working as a children's entertainer I require a
responsible adult to be present at all times.*